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Hi I'm Krystal-The Crews Coach! I'm here to reset your mindset and your life!
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Want to learn how to:

  • Become more self-aware

  • Capitalize on your strengths

  • Remove roadblocks

  • THRIVE in life and in your relationships??


    I’ll be your personal consultant, part motivational speaker, and part rent-a-friend! I’m a life coach that loves to work with PEOPLE– helping them define and achieve their goals — career, personal, or most often, both.


Where we’ll meet

Weekly  1-month program
Bi-weekly 2-month program
Virtual on Zoom

What we’ll learn

Milestones for Mindset:
Week 1: Reflections & Goal Setting
Week 2: Managing Emotions
Week 3: Understanding Others
Week 4: Relationship Remodeling

Crews Beyond Your Mindset


  • Includes Four 1-hour Mindset Sessions

  • Virtual: weekly or bi-weekly

  • Goal Setting

The Crews Coach - Mindset Coaching

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Meet Krystalore

Hi! I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur, founder of two virtual businesses:
The Crews Coach (Fitness, Mindset, and Leadership Coaching) and Inclusion Culture Inc. (Diversity & Inclusion Training and Consulting), while serving in the Air National Guard part-time.

I’m a former NFL Cheerleader and endurance athlete and I'm a volcano of energy! People describe me as energetic, magnetic, engaging, & influential.

I have 18+ years of military experience in the US Air Force and I met my husband while he was traveling for the US Army to Buffalo. I've been moving around with him ever since!

Our journey as a couple has not been easy, but we've worked so hard to have a vision of love for our lives, our businesses, and most importantly our relationship!

I enjoy leaving my clients inspired, empowered, and ready to continue their journey of learning & growth to improve their relationships and their lives.

My diverse expertise allows me to connect with empathy and passion to co-create & deliver programs to meet my clients where they're at.


"Krystal made me see the positives in small achievements. Krystal has encouraged me to fight for what I want to accomplish in life and not allow my mental illness to be a barrier."


"Krystal is extremely encouraging and motivating! We all need more 'Krystals' in our lives."


"Krystal made me feel that anything was achievable and made working out fun and enjoyable. Her positivity is infectious!"


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"Crews beyond limits is not just a slogan,
it's a lifestyle." - Krystal Crews